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Dow Jones VentureSource China | 4Q | 2014 Venture Capital Report

The following report presents Dow Jones VentureSource’s quarterly findings for Chinese venture capital fundraising, investment, valuation, and liquidity. Charts and graphs available here offer a comprehensive view of the trends currently affecting the venture capital market.

Highlights for 4Q 2014 include: 
Chinese venture capital fundraising fails to improve on previous quarter, however, total fundraising for year more than doubles that of 2013; 

Venture capital investment into Chinese companies more than doubles 3Q 2014 total 

Overall exit activity improves from 3Q 2014 despite fall in mergers and acquisitions (M&As) as Initial public offerings (IPOs) rally in both number of offerings and dollars raised.


Chinese Venture Capital Fundraising Fails to Improve in 4Q 2014 

Chinese venture fundraising declined to $339 million across 9 funds during 4Q 2014. The quarter represents the lowest fundraising accumulation since 2Q 2013 when six funds raised just $140 million.
In comparison with the same period last year, dollars raised fell by 57% while the number of venture funds completing closings declined by 25%.
Le Fund’s II fund and Arbor Ventures’ fund I were the joint largest of 4Q 2014, raising $100 million apiece, accounting for 59% of the total amount for the quarter combined.
Looking at the year as a whole, however, 2014 has surpassed the previous year both in terms of dollars raised and the number of completed closings, improving by 131% and 8% respectively.
Chinese VC Fundraising 30 (2011 – 2014)


Venture Capital Investment in China - 4Q 2014 

Equity Financings into China– based, VC-backed Companies (2011 – 2014)
Chinese venture-backed companies raised close to $6.8 billion in 243 deals during 4Q 2014, an increase of 128% in capital invested from 3Q 2014 with a 17% rise in the number of deals completed.
Compared with 4Q 2013, dollars invested more than quadrupled while deal flow increased by 79%.
Investment in venture backed companies in 2014 dwarfs that of 2013, with $15.5 billion raised compared with $4.8 billion. Similarly, deal flow has also increased significantly, from 439 to 740, equating to an increase of 69%.

Equity Financings into China-based, VC-backed Companies, by Industry Group (4Q 2014) 

Consumer Services companies took $3.7 billion through 110 deals during 4Q 2014, a rise of 91% in dollars invested from 3Q 2014 with a 10% increase in deals completed. The sector attracted 46% of all deals completed for the quarter and a 55% share of total amount invested.
The Information Technology sector placed second for investment, receiving $2.3 billion across 76 deals. Sector investment quintupled from 3Q 2014 as deal flow improved by 55% to a total of 32% of all deals completed for the quarter. The investment figure represents a 34% share of total equity financing into China-based VC- backed companies for 4Q 2014.
Business and Financial Services companies raised the third highest proportion of investment during 4Q 2014. The sector garnered $469 million across 38 deals, generating 16% of all deals for 4Q 2014; a 23% rise in dollars invested from 3Q 2014 despite deal flow remaining flat .


Chinese VC-backed IPOs (2011-2014) 

14 VC-backed companies went public during 4Q 2014 in China, an increase of 56% on 3Q 2014 and 17% on 4Q 2013.
HuaDian Heavy Industries had the largest IPO of the quarter, raising $245 million for its December listing on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. The material handling equipment provider’s IPO represents 19% of the total raised through VC-backed IPOs in China during 4Q 2014.
A total of $1.31 billion were raised through Chinese VC-backed IPOs in 4Q 2014, a rise of 24% from the previous quarter. A total of $7.2 billion has been raised through listings during 2014, dwarfing the $2 billion raised in 2013 and the most since 2011 when $15.7 billion were raised through 100 IPOs.

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